How to Get a Place in a Top Online Teaching School

With the way technology makes everything easier from shopping to banking, now you can even study through the means of great technology. With distance learning, you can enroll in any school and pursue your degree via internet from the comfort of your own home. Now, if you’re interested in teaching and would like to get a quality education, there are a handful of top accredited teaching schools. So the question is how to secure your place?

Well the thing is, each school differs in requirements and it depends on how high its standards are. If you’d like a place in a top school, the best way to do it would be to look for a school you’d like to settle with and then find out what their requirements are. Only then you would know whether or not you qualify to be part of their team.

But if you’re thinking ahead and the time for you to reach tertiary education hasn’t come yet, then start doing all you can to make sure that you get into whatever school you want.
First, keep your grades up. All schools want to show the community that they are doing well by portraying students with good grades, so study hard and try getting maximum pointers and fill in all holes and gaps. You may think that because you’re young, you can party all night, sleep all day and worry about your studies later.

But this is where you’re wrong. It’s because you are young, you should focus on your education and start building up a solid profile to lean on. While academics play an important role, try taking up a second language if you have the time and finances for it. A class for French, Spanish, Italian, Mandarin or even Persian would add shine to your profile as an extra language would fall under the skill category.

Once you’re done with school and waiting on results before hitting colleges and such, spend some time gaining experience in the area you’d like to pursue your degree in. In this care, since teaching is your passion then look out for part time jobs that would allow you to gain some hands on experience.

Try tutoring elementary school children or take up a job as a preschool teacher or maybe volunteer to be a teacher’s assistant in a child education centre. By trying out a few jobs, no matter how small, builds up your profile.

In addition to that, as you leave school or a job you’ve worked at, do approach those who’ve coached you maybe a teacher, principal, employer or even the head of department and ask for a written and certified testimonial or reference letter about your work ethics, personality, and ability and so on.

Attach these letters along with your application when signing up for a place in the online teaching school, and you’d definitely be able to get a place. Once they see that you’ve been recommended by someone who has got experience working or teaching you, they will see you as an independent student to join their community.

Top 10 Computer Science and Gaming Schools Part 1

1. American Sentinel University
American Sentinel University is meant to help students achieve their personal and occupational goals, maximizing a Return on Learning. American Sentinel University’s Bachelors of Science, Computer Science, Game Programming Specialization program (BSCS-GP) combines the broad knowledge of computer science and the specialized focus on game programming to provide a unique, valuable educational experience. The program offers graduates the ability to enter all levels of the computer science field while still maintaining a focus on their interest in game development, so that career options are both ideal and versatile.

2. DeVry University
A full time student can earn a bachelor’s degree in Game Simulation and Programming from DeVry University in as little as three years. DeVry offers one of the only programs of its kind with a gaming degree that draws from over seventy-five years of history as one of the national leaders of technology education.

3. University of Phoenix
The Bachelor of Science in Computer Science at University of Phoenix has a broad range of possibilities, although many students take electives to focus on game development experience. The degree includes learning about software, hardware, network operation and digital design.

4. American InterContinental University
American InterContinental University has been offering quality education for nearly four decades, and their game design program is no exception. The AIU Bachelors of Fine Arts in Game Design and Development focuses on the tools students need to succeed in a cutting-edge field. Experience things hands-on as well as learn the principles of game design theory as students work on projects that mimic the actual work environment they are aiming towards.

5. Rasmussen College
For over a century, Rasmussen College has been part of the study of science, acting as one of the first colleges to step into the technology field. Students learn everything there is to know about gaming technology with Java, C++, Direct X and OpenGL and how to integrate these into both story development and 3D gaming interfaces.

6. ECPI College of Technology
ECPI has a thorough online degree program backed by eleven campuses across North Carolina, South Carolina, and Virginia. They offer a degree in computer science that can be used broadly or focused on gaming, as well as degrees in networking, software development, and electronics. A degree with ECPI is a degree that leads to success.

Ace Your Next Exam!

It’s 8 a.m. and as the teacher passes out the exams you can feel the anxiety rise up from your stomach like heartburn after bad pizza. Taking tests can be very unsettling, but test day stress can be lessened, or even eliminated, by utilizing some helpful test taking strategies. What you do before, during and after a test will determine how well you score and how relaxed you are going into it. There are countless test taking tips that are good guidelines for doing your best on any given exam.

You may think you know how to study for a test, but these simple tricks could help you improve your scores and ease your mind. Develop these test taking skills and strategies and you will be an expert on knowing how to ace a test in no time at all.

Tips for Test Taking


1. Catch some zzzs! Get some sleep, people! Of course you will be groggy and unfocused running on 2 hours of sleep and a venti cappuccino, so avoid falling asleep and drooling on your test (embarrassing) and get a good night’s sleep the night before your test. Be sure to set your alarm with plenty of time to get up, eat and get out the door. Also, setting a backup alarm isn’t a bad idea!

2. Eat! Don’t let a growling tummy distract you from focusing on your test. Making sure you eat a healthy, balanced meal is one test taking strategy that will yield noticeable results. Stay away from fatty, sugary foods and stick with healthy choices such as whole grains, fruits, vegetables and low-fat dairy products. Oatmeal with berries and skim milk is a perfect combination to power you through your test!

3. Plan ahead! Don’t wait until the night before your test to begin studying. Once the class begins, start planning out when and where you’ll study so you’re not left cramming into the wee hours of the morning the night before a big test. Stress is probably the biggest complaint of test takers and it can easily be lessened by proper planning, time management and refusal to procrastinate.